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FloorTime Dance Formation Teams

Each FloorTime Studios Formation Team learns and rehearses an original choreographed dance routine created by professional instructor Sara Barker for a selected musical track. This fun and rewarding group experience culminates with a featured performance at one of our major seasonal dance events. No Partner Necessary. Open to men and women! Please contact Sara Barker to inquire about upcoming formation teams. It's a terrific opportunity to learn a polished choreography while mastering a fun range of social dance elements that you can put to work on the dance floor anytime!

FloorTime Studios Formation Teams offer a terrific value, and feature 12 hours of group rehearsal including original choreography. Please note that performance outfit and event tickets for performances are an additional but modest cost. A minimum group size is required for a series to proceed. 

Participants are encouraged to seek additional instruction through private dance lessons and/or group dance classes as offered. Participants missing 3 or more group rehearsals may be required, at the discretion of the course director, to take a make-up private lesson to ensure performance readiness.

Sara Barker: 401-849-5678 / sara@floortimestudios.com

Past FloorTime Formation Teams:
Night Club Two Step Formation Team - Summer Season 2015

Viennese Waltz Formation Team - Spring Season 2015

Hustle Formation Team - Spring Season 2015

Tango Formation Team - Winter Season 2015

Country Two Step Formation Team - Winter Season 2015

Quickstep Formation Team
Fall Season 2014

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Congratulations to our dancers for their stunning performance at our 11th Annual Holiday Dance Party at Newport Art Museum,

December 19, 2014.

Pictured Front L to R: Malee Greenlee, Dave Tahsea, Catherine Wilson, Andrew Smith, Joan Mathews & Rick Greenlee. Middle: Ann Walkup and Richard Rose. Rear: Inez Kelly, Joe Hozempa, Kristi Rood-DeAngelis & Benjamin Hamlin.

Foxtrot / East Coast Swing Formation Team


FloorTime Studios would like to thank each of our Formation Team dancers for making our Foxtrot / East Coast Swing series both a great success and a truly wonderful experience for all. Your performance was the highlight of our Swingfest Dance Party on July 19, and you all looked terrific dancing it! We hope you are proud of your achievement, and that you'll enjoy this video of your performance. 

Foxtrot / East Coast Swing Formation Team Members:

(Clockwise from Front-Center of Photo)

Maureen Cotter, Andrew Smith, Sita Dillon, Rick Greenlee, Nancy Knott, Jim Cotter, Malee Greenlee, Sara Barker (team director and choreographer), Catherine Wilson, and Richard Rose. Team member Ron Imbriale not pictured.

Prior FloorTime Studios Formation Teams:

The FloorTime Studios Salsa Formation Team, with choreographer / team director Mori Granot, following their feature performance at FloorTime Studios Spring Dance Spectacular, 

Sunday, April 6, 2014.


FloorTime Studios' 
Salsa Formation Team 2014!

No surprise at all ... FloorTime Studios Salsa specialist Mori Granot (founder of RI Latin Dance) did a phenomenal job choreographing and directing our Salsa Formation team from January - April 2014! With the constant support of fellow instructor Angel Sanchez, and the wonderful effort put forth by our dancers, the 2014 Salsa Formation Team was one we'll never forget.

Pictured from Left to Right are: Jackie Delaney, Veronica Rynn, Brian Brazil, Mori Granot, Chris DaCosta, Andrew Smith, Jeannine Thibault, Tom Orvosh, Myrna Blondal, and Kim Sykes. Not pictured at left but in the evening's performance: Gail Hollingworth.  

West Coast Swing Formation Team - 2013

FloorTime Studios

West Coast Swing Formation Team 2013

An unforgettable 12 weeks of laughter and camaraderie, led by FloorTime's exceedingly pregnant team director and choreographer Sara Barker, yielded a terrific West Coast Swing dance routine presented at our year-end Holiday Dance Party at OceanCliff on Thursday, December 19, 2013. FloorTime Studios congratulates all of our team members for an outstanding performance, and also for their hard work and dedication throughout the 12-week course. 

Please watch the video below; then scroll down for highlights from our preceding Waltz Formation Team!

Pictured above, from left to right, are: Andrew Smith, Malee Greenlee, Lynn Iacuele, Jim Cotter, Nancy Knott, Beth O'Connor, Richard Rose, Catherine Wilson, Myrna Blondal, Chet Capodilupo, Sita Dillon, Randy Santerre, Carmen Smith, Rick Greenlee, and Maricel Santerre. Not pictured: Kathleen Meleney.

Waltz Formation Team - 2013


On the evening of September 12, 2013, the FloorTime Studios Waltz Formation Team presented a dramatic choreographed routine at the September Smash dance event at OceanCliff Hotel & Resort, Newport RI. This performance represented the culmination of the team's hard work and shared FUN over the preceding 12 weeks of learning and rehearsal.

FloorTime Studios would like to congratulate the team for a job beautifully done, and thank them for their commitment of time and energy to prepare such a truly memorable performance. 

Please watch the video below (may not appear on mobile devices).

Pictured above, from left to right, are:

Front Row: Elizabeth Keith, Myrna Blondal, Sita Dillon, Veronica Rynn, Nancy Knott, & Malee Greenlee

Middle Row: Beth O'Connor, Carmen Smith, Catherine Wilson, & Kathy Meleney.

Back Row: Chet Capodilupo, Dave Tahsea, Richard Rose, Andrew Smith, & Rick Greenlee

Seated in Background: Formation Team Director and Choreographer Sara Barker